Топка Жарко з водянмм контуромFireplace inserts a series of ЖАРКО AQUA 2016: it modified the new models with unique solutions. Furnaces are designed and tested with environmental testing in Canada. They coped with all the requirements.

The main advantage of ЖАРКО furnaces AQUA is: System water jacket with a water circuit, the air supply system and lock the door from the upper and lower hooks. The water jacket, a system of pipes in the middle of the fireplace insert, which is arranged in the upper part of the combustion chamber. Water jacket transmits fire furnace to 50% of the heat to the water heating system.


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We gladly would like to hear from you feedback about our product updates and see the photos and video already installed furnaces and fireplace doors.

A team of "ЖАРКО" it was decided that each picture fireplace insert or fireplace doors, made by you, will be priced at 50.00 USD. (5 photos taken before a product from different angles).
Video-mounted fireplace - 250.00 UAH. If the video will be done during installation, then this work will be valued at 500.00 USD.


Производство топок в Украине.Fireplace inserts Жарко, new range of Жарко, photo. Manufacture of furnaces in Ukraine.

Details about the changes in the construction of fireplace inserts Жарко here.

When the weather outside is cold, the rain and the snow falls, then each of us wants to be in a cozy warm room. Fireplace, made of natural stone, give the interior a charm and sophistication, help you relax and feel comfortable in these moments. And no matter city apartment, country house or hotel, cafe or restaurant - in any of these areas fireplace will look harmonious. It can be gas, electric or wood-burning classic, open or closed firebox. But another important feature - reliability. Therefore, special attention should be paid cladding material.

What is the fireplace and why is it needed? Since ancient times, the fireplace was the source from which the heat. Nowadays, fireplace not only performs this function. He even makes the room more cozy and comfortable. Psychologists have proved that watching the flames of fire, a person involuntarily relaxes, lets go all sad thoughts, gets a positive energy. Form design fire depends on the desire and taste of the owners of the house.

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I Logazyak Irek designer inserts "Жарко", I want to present and TELL you about a new series of burners "hot", which will be released in September, we have the factory hot.

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What is done?

 The first is that in the furnaces of "Жарко" remained without significant changes?
- It's something that is well established among our customers.

Ukraine Standard ДСТУ 3075-95 (ГОСТ 9817-95) - this household devices with a water circuit, which run on solid fuel for heating house or apartment.

What we need a fireplace insert? With the open-loop or closed?

Open circuit on the fireplace - a boiler steel of 4 mm and 6 mm thick closed.


Fireplace with water jacket, the same boiler. The heat from the burning wood in the fireplace furnace heats water via a heat exchanger and heat is transferred to another water antifreeze for heating your home. It works exactly like the boiler with wood and with gas and electric heating functions as home heating.


AIR BOX - It is a recognized leader in the technology of clean burning. The company has developed a unique HOT deflector, as shown above, and called it AIR BOX. (AIR BOX: Photos may not be accurate because of the secrecy and copying competitors).

AIR BOX system of the upper combustion gas fireplace inserts. Similar systems exist in the world, but we have made a very different principle, which is much better than the previous air systems for the top of the combustion flame.

Drilling is one of the main types of metal processing. The drilling process is processing metal rotating cutting tool drill for getting different depth and diameter of the holes in the material. The depth and diameter of the hole is the key parameters on which the process of drilling. As there are two main types of holes produced during the drilling process:

  •   Drilling through holes
  •   Drilling blind holes.

Typically, the drilling process is used for the subsequent placement in holes received different fasteners, parts other parts of metal structures or pulling cable.
The drilling process is no greater than manufacturing recess with a special core point in subsequent drilling, and drilling of holes product by passing through a rotary drill bit at a high speed.


Furnaces can be roughly classified as follows:

- In the form of glass: Direct glass and spherical (semi-circular), bay (prismatic) L-shaped (large front side + small), U-shaped (large glass + facade are two small side). This large bay windows, L-shaped and U-shaped burners can be both one piece and composite (plane separated by vertical impost);

- The shape of the facade: rectangular (long face can be positioned both horizontally and vertically) and square;

- The number of fronts: one with a glass facade and two. Last also called through-furnaces or furnaces double face;


Fireplace insert - a modern invention, which makes heating your home as easy and comfortable.

What advantages does the fireplace insert? The device is a fireplace with built-in cast iron (or steel) greatly increases the efficiency of the furnace combustion - from 15-20% to 70-80%. In other words, to provide the same amount of heat you require 4 times smaller amount of wood. In small houses, a fireplace with built-in furnace may be the only source of heating.

However, the increase in efficiency is not the only advantage of the installation of so-called "closed" fireplace. An equally important advantage is safety - a spark from a fireplace, a closed door of a special ceramic glass, will not cause a fire. If you want to enjoy an open fire - you can simply lift the door up (in this case it is hidden behind a veneer fireplace).