Upgrade lineup furnaces ЖАРКО

Обновление модельного ряда каминных топок ЖАРКО

Good day to all.

I Logazyak Irek designer inserts "Жарко", I want to present and TELL you about a new series of burners "hot", which will be released in September, we have the factory hot.

I hope that my work was successful.

What is done?

 The first is that in the furnaces of "Жарко" remained without significant changes?
- It's something that is well established among our customers.

Second, I removed the features that exist in the market just as a PR, but in fact does not work fully.

For example, the gate in a sealed furnace with a good air supply adjustment does not play any role. And besides, the right to put on the chimneys dampers that line the automatic and traction in the chimney that in developed countries such as Germany, Denmark and the other is a mandatory attribute.


 Also, I delivered the furnace "Жарко" from the ash. Why is that?

-How Not cool the furnace to reduce the ash pan for leaks, and the furnace will not operate at full capacity, it increased wood consumption, and the burning of firewood decreased, not speak on emissions of CO.

The fully sealed furnace with good heat accumulation, firewood burned almost completely. Well, not strange, it is easier to clean than the firebox opening the door to clean it with ash.


 Additions and changes

First. New air supply for furnaces. It developed my valve, which completely cover the air and precisely regulate fairly good air supply to the furnace. I state with full responsibility I can say that analogues in the world.

Ручка дверки каминных топок Жарко

Second. Doorknob, I moved from the center - down and put two locks from the top and bottom. That is, the door of the furnace is drawn and locked with two locks, which ensures complete sealing on all four sides of the door. Analogues in the world.

The third is: AIRBOX

AIR BOX в каминных топках Жарко

AIRBOX air supply system for the secondary combustion gases in the upper part of the furnace combustion chamber. Why is it unique? Because:

     A) A system made of heat-resistant stainless steel

     B) The system has a front air supply and in sufficient quantity.

     C) This system, which provides full and complete combustion of the combustion gases in the pyrolysis mode.

Fourth. Glass cleaning system works much better than that of all known competitors, including the world. Why is that? Here I will not say anything because they do not want to reveal all the secrets and technical mechanisms that would not have been copied by competitors.

Fifth. Removable front, upper and lower front panel:


Съемная передняя, нижняя и верхняя лицевая панель для каминных топок Жарко


A) Provides easy installation
B) Serviceability
C) Ability to change colors painted panels, as well as the possibility of gilding, under your home design
D) The original view
I) Ease of replacement of panels to be larger than other colors or
E) The correct supply of air to heat it in the fireplace portal

At the end I want to note that made a lot of constructive solutions, which will be private information.
Extras: all the furnaces of the new series are supplied with legs, as well as the possibility of installation of casing or teplosbornika.


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