Fireplaces of natural stone

When the weather outside is cold, the rain and the snow falls, then each of us wants to be in a cozy warm room. Fireplace, made of natural stone, give the interior a charm and sophistication, help you relax and feel comfortable in these moments. And no matter city apartment, country house or hotel, cafe or restaurant - in any of these areas fireplace will look harmonious. It can be gas, electric or wood-burning classic, open or closed firebox. But another important feature - reliability. Therefore, special attention should be paid cladding material.

Once upon a time only fireplaces made of natural stone, which was considered a sign of prestige and unsurpassed taste. Later it began to replace artificial materials, heat-resistant polymers. Not so long ago as a cladding material for fireplaces were again used natural stone - strong, elegant, durable.

Natural stone characteristic features such as opacity, gloss, reliefs, complex patterns, deliberately rough imitation of natural chips. Facing with marble or granite harmony with wood, metal, glass and interior elements, emphasizing their elegance.
Marble fireplace perfect for rooms, halls, living rooms. It is considered a good option to create magnificent interior. Provided good lighting you can enjoy all the features of his treatment, to assess the glare material and unique play of colors. Marble Fireplace can be made in the following styles: empire, country, avant-garde, modern. Granite - a solid and durable. The color palette of this material has many unique colors: bright red, green, black, gray, beige, turquoise.

Granite fireplace will perfectly complement windowsills, floors, countertops, stair railings, balusters made of natural stone. Encased natural stone fireplace decorate the house, make it cozy, give residents and visitors warmly. After a fire blazing in the hearth that attracts, fascinates, helps to relax and forget about anxiety.


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