The benefits of fireplace inserts ЖАРКО AQUA

Топка Жарко з водянмм контуромFireplace inserts a series of ЖАРКО AQUA 2016: it modified the new models with unique solutions. Furnaces are designed and tested with environmental testing in Canada. They coped with all the requirements.

The main advantage of ЖАРКО furnaces AQUA is: System water jacket with a water circuit, the air supply system and lock the door from the upper and lower hooks. The water jacket, a system of pipes in the middle of the fireplace insert, which is arranged in the upper part of the combustion chamber. Water jacket transmits fire furnace to 50% of the heat to the water heating system.

The water circuit is a double wall in the fireplace furnace where ЖАРКО water heating system. Location of the system along the contour of the furnace, and gave it the name. Water circuit passes from the furnace of fire up to 40% of the heat into the water heating system.
Many people do not know what the water circuit and the water jacket and the difference between them.

Managers master installers mistakenly claim that it is one and the same. Some types of inserts with a water circuit, which does not have a water jacket, advertised as the furnace with an efficiency of 80% and a fantastic kW. After analyzing the test results and testing different models of furnaces, we can say that the claimed figures do not correspond to reality.

Топка Жарко з водянмм контуром в розрізі схема

For example: Calculate kilowatt furnace without water jacket just for this measure the overall area of ​​the inner loop in the combustion chamber of the furnace, it may be an average of 1 m2, the temperature of the fire in the furnace at an average of 340 degrees, and the thickness of the metal, take 4 to 6 mm . Through the Internet and learn the thermal conductivity of iron formula that calculated the heat transfer. Having all of the data, we calculate that the insert with this area may transfer heat in water of not more than 6-8 kW per hour. Plus, this power we can add the heat transfer into the room through the glass, the average is 4 kW. As we can see that the furnace with a water circuit kilowatt have no more than 10 - 12 kW.

Enlarge kilowatt furnace There are two methods:
- First - to increase the internal area of ​​the combustion chamber, thus it is necessary to take into account that the heat transfer is reduced by several times as the distance from the fire;
- The second - the location of the water jacket on fire. The water jacket in furnaces with ЖАРКО consists of round tubes which most transmitted heat transfer in comparison with other forms. This is our secret. Fireplace inserts AQUA ЖАРКО water is heated at times better than peers.

 AQUA ЖАРКО furnaces combine the two systems together: water circuit and a water jacket. Only then firebox coupled can reach 80% efficiency.
 For the stability of the fireplace inserts ЖАРКО AQUA, we have developed a unique system of air supply to the combustion chamber. The fire is controlled by the three air supply valve leak. The air flow in the furnace ЖАРКО directed path above and below the window in the combustion chamber, this creates a barrier from the maximum glass soot. The air flow provides a powerful intense burning mode heating water.

The door in the furnace ЖАРКО pressed against the housing on all four sides thanks to the handle with two locks. The handle itself is unique, it firmly closes the door and to the right at the bottom. This arrangement handles not only convenient but also more secure.
 The door of the furnace ЖАРКО heat-resistant colored enamel, which is resistant to abrasion and aging.
Lining TM "Snowflake" in ЖАРКО furnaces is efficient and temperature-resistant material is white, which is able to withstand temperatures up to 1600 degrees.

 We can say with confidence that ЖАРКО fireplace inserts AQUA is not inferior to the best analogues in the world, and on which indicators and do not exceed them.

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