Refractory glass ROBAX

Glass ceramic "ROBAXGERMANY

For manufacturers of fireplaces and stoves have special price offers!!!
By the glassSCHOTT ROBOX.

The price of 1m2 glass retail - 250 euros.
Wholesale with sharp glass to the size - 165 Euro.
The wholesale price in sheets size 1100 1954 price - 150 euros.
Trim the strip, where the width of up to 10 cm long and up to 1000 cm - price 80 euro m2

We cut any size. Call us!
Payment: cash and non-cash, send in all cities of Ukraine.
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Price refractory glass ROBAX 1 m2: 250 EUR

It is calculated by the formula:
for example, you need glasses 400 Х 600 mm, then
а = 0.6 m, b = 0.4 m
0,4*0,6=0,24 m.kv.
0,24*250=60 EUR
Total price glass size
400 Х 600 mm = 60 EUR


Refractory glass (Self cleaning glass) production of Germany.

ROBAX ® Energy Plus (Self cleaning glass) - a glass ceramics with unique thermal evaporation (reflecting coating of soot). It is available as a flat performance and a rounded shape.

The advantage of glass ROBAX ® Energy Plus:

Visible light in the fireplace that easily passes through the glass missing part of the thermal radiation and reflecting back into the combustion chamber. This leads to a noticeable increase in temperature by thermal spraying glass - ROBAX ® Energy Plus.

ROBAX ® Energy Plus:

  • This more efficient use of heat energy.
  • Reduces heating costs.
  • Reduces emissions into the environment, (higher temperature in the combustion chamber) is better combustion and low emissions of CO.
  • ROBAX ® Energy Plus is resistant to high temperatures. Thermal resistance is about 650 permanently C (1202 & deg; F), and briefly to 800 degrees.
  • Efficiency cover remains, therefore ROBAX & reg; Energy Plus inspires confidence.
  • Скло ROBAX ® Energy Plus,with a uniform shimmering bluish tint. Bluish tint glass, perfectly integrates into any home.
  • Surface ROBAX ® Energy Plus by heating removes contamination, soot on the glass.

ROBAX ® Energy Plus make heating with fire safer.
Namely: ROBAX ® Energy Plus reduces the temperature of the radiation from the fireplace into the room. Under fireplace area is heated evenly and pleasant. Thus, the temperature of the floor, the fireplace remains lower than standard fireplaces.

Thus, ROBAX ® Energy Plus provides security.

ROBAX ® Energy Plus (Self cleaning glass) Price:   euros per m2.