Metal processing

Our company offers various types of metal:
Heat treatment of metal products, including quenching, tempering, normalizing, artificial aging, oxidation, metal processing on CNC machines, metal shape cutting, turning and milling works (Kiev), metal working to order. Besides specialists of our companies produce welding, metal cutting, plasma cutting services will metal.

Bending the metal - is not only to obtain the desired shape and size of a product, but also a much higher strength metal construction, since the process achieves the desired configuration without weld priori that prolongs the life of the product. Bending the metal provides the strength and integrity of the preform, and also significantly reduces the likelihood of corrosion.

With the latest equipment and qualified personnel, metal bending on the orders of our customers is carried out as soon as possible and in compliance with all standards of quality, and settings.

Cutting, cutting metal. Cutting of metal called separation units (pieces) of high-quality, sheet metal or cast. There are mechanical (scissors, saws, chisels), impact (cutting) and thermal cutting.

Called thermal cutting metal processing (cutting pieces, gouging, creating holes) by heating. The groove formed between the metal parts as a result of cutting is referred rezom. The shape and type of cut can be isolation and gouging on the surface roughness of the cut - harvesting and finishing.

Thermal cutting is different from other types of high performance at a relatively low cost of energy and the ability to produce blanks of any arbitrarily complicated circuit in thick metal. There are three groups of thermal cutting processes: oxidation, melting and fusion-oxidation.

Drilling metal. In the manufacture of metal and one of the most common treatments is drilling.

Drilling is one of the main types of metal processing. The drilling process is processing metal rotating cutting tool drill for obtaining the differences in the depth and diameter of the holes in the material. The depth and diameter of the hole is the key parameters on which the process of drilling.

As there are two main types of holes produced during the drilling process:

  1. Drilling through holes
  2. Drilling blind holes